A-B-Cs of School Lunches

Posted by Lauren Dashwood

Its been a wonderful summer lots of barbequing, cocktail parties and lazy days lounging by the lake, now however, its almost back to school time. While this conjures up images of buying new notebooks, crisp fall leafs, argyle sweaters, and picking out an outfit for the first day, it also means brown bagging it again. And this year, I am heading back to soak up more education myself. In addition to buying my new textbooks, pens and pencils, I am also stocking up on small Tupperware containers, ziplock bags, and easy delicious snack and lunch ideas to make the transition easier. Somehow even on a blah school day, I find having a tasty lunch can be a small respite in itself.

Sandwiches are such a school lunch staple. But some are definitely more exciting than others. I find that a nice grainy mustard, a few fresh slices of tomatoes or a slather of tarragon aioli can really liven up any sandwich from roast beef, to tuna, to roast vegetable. Try this amazing Tarragon Aioli. Pair it with sliced chicken breast, spinach and whole wheat bread for a solid lunch with a twist.

I just learned today that eating bananas can help nervousness due to their high B vitamin content. A more established lunchtime fact is that fish is brain food. All the more reason to pack these delicious Curried Tuna Salad Sandwiches in your lunch for a great midday power meal.

Snacks are another vital part to any school day. These Honey Oatbars pack up as a fantastic late breakfast.

Likewise, this Hummus makes a delightful protein filled snack. Pack along with carrot and celery sticks, or some rice crackers for a great snack on the go.