Valentine's Day Menu Options

Posted by Lauren Dashwood

How about some Valentine’s Day menu plans? Going out can be so over rated. Restaurants are packed so that you’re often almost perched upon your neighbour diner’s lap. And you’re also surrounded by other couples, all trying to “out romance” each other, determined to prove to be the most in love couple in the restaurant. Two of my most memorable Valentine’s Days have been at home. And why not? It can be just as romantic, especially when you’re in charge of the lighting, music or movie to create just the desired ambiance.

So, menu number one. This is perfect for you and that special someone. First, start with some mood setting cocktails. This Love Potion No. 9 is a wonderful little cocktail that packs just enough of a heady punch. They are filling, so you may want to switch to wine or another lighter beverage after a couple so as to fully enjoy the feast in store. Start with a nice, light but utterly sophisticated salad. I suggest this Portobello Mushroom Salad. The mango puree adds an unexpected sweetness, while the champagne vinegar has a delightful tang; this is truly a great starter. Risotto is one of my favourite foods. It takes a while to prepare, and requires patience but it is downright luscious when done right. This Herbed Risotto is wonderful, and isn’t as rich as some risottos can be. Now, for a special and romantic piece de Valentine’s Day resistance, try this simple yet impressive Faux Steak au Poivre.

Menu number two comes from a very different Valentine’s Day. Myself and several girlfriends all found ourselves single, and so we wined and dined each other. I use the term wine and dine loosely, but making mini pizzas and drinking too much wine did make for a really, really fun night. Start off a girls night with a classy cocktail… or get everyone to bring a bottle of their favourite liquor to kick off a bona fide cocktail party. Either way, these Chocolate Martinis are a great way to set the tone for the evening. Making pizza is easy, and delicious. This Bella Pizza Crust is wonderful and authentic. Pair it with this Bella Pizza Sauce, a lovely tomato sauce and top with sausages, spinach, artichokes, pepperoni, mushrooms, asparagus, any cheese or any other ingredient imaginable.

Either menu really just provides a nice starting point for a lovely evening. For either occasion, the perfect dessert to serve are these Baby Lava Cakes. They are a moist, chocolatey, restaurant caliber dessert. Bon Appetit.