Faux Steak au Poivre

Impressive Simplicity

2 2   Thick cut filet steaks, if affordable
2 tbsp   fresh ground pepper
2 tbsp   coarse sea salt
1 tbsp   butter
1 tbsp   Olive oil
2 cloves   garlic
1 tbsp   brandy
2 tbsp   crushed peppercorns
1. Press pepper and salt into filet. Melt butter into olive oil in skillet. Dot with crushed garlic.

2. Place steaks in pan and cook for about 3 minutes on one side and about 2.5 on the other. This will cook them to about medium rare, more rare than medium which, will make even the cheapest cuts taste luxurious.

3. While steaks are cooking splash with brandy and sprinkle in crushed peppercorns around them. Once steaks are done remove from pan and let sit for about 2 minutes for juices to emerge. Serve over matchstick potatoes.