Mediterranean Pork Chops

Lemon BBQ Magic

4   Pork Chops
3 tbsp 45 ml   Lemon Juice
1 tsp 5 ml   Lemon Zest
2 tbsp 30 ml   Rosemary
2 tbsp 30 ml   Thyme
2 tbsp 30 ml   Olive Oil
1 tsp 5 ml   Cracked Black Pepper
0.25 cup 60 ml   White Wine
1. Zest and juice one lemon and place in a shallow baking dish. Tear the thyme and rosemary and place in the dish as well. Stir in the olive oil, pepper and wine. Whisk together so it's all mixed together.

2. Pierce the pork chops in a couple places and place in the dish, set aside and allow to marinate for a couple hours. Cook the chops on the BBQ for about 15 minutes.