Salmon Crab Cakes

Classed up Crab

6 oz 175 g   breadcrumbs
8 oz 250 g   salmon
1 1   egg white
3.25 oz 100 ml   cream
8 oz 250 g   crab meat, shredded
3 oz 75 ml   olive oil
1 oz 30 g   chives, chopped
1 oz 30 g   parsley, chopped
  salt & pepper
1. Puree salmon in food processer, blender with a fork. Add egg white and process until well blended. Slowly add cream until just mixed.

2. Set mixture in a bowl on ice. Fold in crab meat and herbs and season with salt and pepper. Shape the mixture into small balls. Carefully roll in bread crumbs. Be careful not to handle the mixture too much with your hands.

3. Heat olive oil to about 160*/315*F, hot enough to sizzle. Cook the cakes for about 5-7 minutes, or until a lovely golden brown. Flip once and then drain.

Serve with Pepper Herb Sauce, compliments the herbs in the cakes nicely, while giving a bit of a zing.