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Asian Peanut Chicken "Not so fusion anymore..."
Bella Pizza Crust "Cheaper than take-out"
Black Bean Enchiladas "Ole!"
Broccoli Quiche "Divine"
Butternut Squash Risotto "Creamy heaven"
Cajun Blackened Snapper Fillets "Zesty Creole"
Cauliflower Gratin "Upscale one dish meal"
Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast "Crisp and Crunchy"
Chicken Fried Steak "Honky Tonk Hero"
Chicken in Peppercorn sauce "Zing in the everyday"
Chicken in Smoky Bacon and Black Olive Sauce "Homey and Amazing"
Chicken Kiev "Buttery, rich goodness."
Creamy Polenta "The basis for many good things"
Curried Chicken Breasts with Peach Salsa "Balance of Sweet & Spice"
Deconstructed Fish and Chips "A slightly sophisticated take on an old standby."
Deviled Chicken Wings "Firey"
Dijon Chicken "Mmmm....mustardy"
Dijon Salmon with Asparagus Beurre Blanc "Pardon my French"
Fall off the Bone Lamb "Classic Elegance"
Faux Steak au Poivre "Impressive Simplicity"
Garlicky Salmon "Garlic and Dill and Salmon, oh my!"
Ginger Glazed Salmon
Ginger Plum Pork "Zesty Asian inspired"
Halibut in Tomato and Herb Sauce "Lazy Italian"
Hot Pepper Teriyaki Chicken "Zestalicisous "
Italian-esque Meatloaf "Serious Comfort Food"
Lazy Gourmet Seafood Pasta "The title says it all."
Lentil and Nut Roast "Vegetarian Haute Couture"
Meatloaf "Meat in a loaf, what else?"
Mojito Burrito "Cilantro Tang"
Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breast "Earthy"
Pasta alla Florentine "It's a good thing"
Pecan and Parsley Halibut Steaks "Impress the Pants off someone"
Pink Chipotle Prawns "Hot and Fiesty"
Pizza dough
Pork Chops in Apple Chutney
Prawn Jambalaya "Born on the Bayou"
Provencal Chicken "En Guarde"
Red Snapper with Herbs and Lemon "Tasty Brain Food"
Ricotta and Tomato Tart
Ritzy Macaroni and Cheese "You can never have too many recipes."
Roast Beef encrusted with Mustard and Rosemary "An impressive centrepiece."
Roast Chicken "Simplicity itself."
Roasted Herb Chicken and Vegetables "Elegant comfort food"
Rosemary Orange Marinated Salmon "West Coast Zest"
Salmon-Potato Cakes
Satayed Beef with Chunky Peanut Sauce "Love at first bite"
Sausage Tomato Sauce "Splendidly easy"
Sauteed Prawns
Sauteed Trout with Almonds and White Wine
Spaghetti with Italian Meatballs "Spicy Meatball"
Spiced Lamb Chops "Elegant, cas supper."
Spinach, Pinenut and Cherry Tomato Rigatoni
Stuffed Bell Peppers
Super Onion Tart "Like Alsation Onion Tart but English"
Sweet and Spicy Snapper "Fish with a Kick!"
Tapenade Lamb Roast "Mediterranean Elegance"
Thai Prawn Green Curry
Three Cheese Macaroni
Thyme and Pepper encrusted Roast Beef "Twist on the Classic"
Turkey and Spinach Enchiladas "A Delight"
Turkey Curry with Peaches "Utterly unauthentic; utterly delicious"
Vegetarian Pad Thai "Sensational"
Zucchini Creole with Polenta Cakes "Fusion Schmusion"