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Alsatian Apple Tart "Profusion of Apples getting you down?"
Amanda's Perfect Mini Cherry Cheese Cakes "Light, fluffy and delightful"
Apricot Polenta Cake "Honeyed Heaven"
Baby Lava Cakes "Molten Magma Heaven"
Black Bottomed Cupcakes
Blackberry Buckle "I think nothing finer..."
Carrot Cake
Cheddar Apple Pie "A Homey Showstopper"
Cheddar Pastry
Cherry Clafoutis "Feeling oh so French"
Chocolate Zucchini Cake "Lushious"
Classic Apple Crisp "Ever so easy and rewarding"
Ginger Snaps "Spicy Gems of Ginger"
Irma Vep's Chocolate Dump Cake "I came for the title, I stayed for the chocolate"
Lemon Curd and Rhubarb Compote Crisp "A Chic Layered Dessert"
Mexican Empanadas "Arriba!"
Orange Curd and Peach Pudding "The Proof is..."
Pear Galette "We'll always have Paris"
Pear Ginger Pie "Award Winning"
Pie Pastry "Never fails for Sharon"
Pumpkin Pie "Just like Grandma's"
Risottoed Rice Pudding
Strawberry Shortcake "Plus Orange"
Sweet Brioche Pudding
The Most Dangerous Chocolate Cake "The Most Fun You'll Have in a Mug."
Toblerone Fondue "Truly a sexy dessert"
Truffle Fruit Tart "Decadently sinful."