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Balsamic Peach and Pepper Kebobs "Sweet and Sultry"
Bitchin' Barbeque Sauce "The title says it all."
Bleu Stuffed Burgers "Oh Yes."
Chipotle Grilled Steaks "More lazy gourmet."
Curried Lamb Burgers
Garden Chicken Burgers "Healthy and Succulent"
Grilled Pineapple "Tangy and Juicy"
Grilled Potatoes with Dill "Magic in a Package"
Lamb Kebobs "A BBQ Delight"
Mediterranean Pork Chops "Lemon BBQ Magic"
Pita Chips
Prawn and Halibut Ceviche "Light, Sophisticated Summer fare"
Psuedo Tandoori Chicken "Like Tandoori, but without the 8+ hours of prep."
Roasted Peppers "Easy and Addictive"