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Apple-cake Pancake Bake "Assonance madness"
Cinnamon Apple Rings
Frittata Hash "Early Morning Therapy"
Honey Oatbars "Much like the Coffee Conglomorate's..."
Le Pain Perdue Fabuleuse "The best part of waking up..."
Lemon Souffle Pancakes "Everyday Decadence"
Mean Green Omelette "and how..."
Minted Melon Salad "Cool and refreshing"
Omelette Tortilla "The Morning-After Omelette"
Peach Studded Pancakes "Summer Lovin'"
Potato Hash "How do you like your Eggs?"
Sunshine Breakfast Muffins "Sets the tone for the day"
Zucchini and Avocado Omelette Rolls